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Courtside Chronicles:
Empowerment Through Every Shot

Explore the heart of 'She Got Buckets' through our captivating documentary series and photo galleries from past events. Each frame and story showcases the resilience, achievements, and community spirit that define our mission. Join us in celebrating the power of sport and empowerment, one snapshot and episode at a time.

She Got Buckets
original series: Episode 0

The Start: The Web She Made of Basketball

She Got Buckets
original series: Episode 1

Cheer for Her when SHE GOT BUCKETS

She Got Buckets
original series: Special EP1

Asian Women age 5-71 answering
"Why basketball?"

2023/12/02&03 SGB Northern Conference

IMG_0778 2_edited
IMG_0490 (1)

2023/11/04&05 SGB Northern Conference

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