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Basketball Hoop
“It didn't matter how good I was. It was always, You're a girl. You can't play with the guys. It has always been motivation for me."

Sheryl Swoopes


She Got Buckets is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. We aim to create an inclusive basketball community for All Asian Women to enhance their recreational skills and self-image through basketball tournaments and leagues, regardless of their recreational level, and provide a safe environment for every Asian woman to pursue their passion in sports and basketball.



We aim to expand our community influence, empowering every Asian woman to engage in an inclusive and equitable global matrix, through the power of basketball.


We aim to create an Asian women's basketball players league, open to all ages, income levels, and recreational levels.

Our goal is to expand our community’s impact and support Asian female worldwide in accessing recreational resources that enable them to pursue their passion for sports and basketball.


The Journey Thus Far

As we celebrate the spirit and resilience that define our community, we also recognize the road ahead. She Got Buckets has been more than a name; it's a statement, a testament to the strength and determination of Asian women who have made the basketball courts their arena of triumph and solidarity.

Yet, the stories of Asian women in basketball are often left untold, their achievements unseen in the wider panorama of sports. We know the sweat and perseverance behind every point scored and every rebound caught. We know the silence that follows despite the roar of success on the court.


ONLY 3.7% Asian
female professional
athletes in the US


ONLY 0.7% of
NCAA D1 women’s
basketball players
is Asian


ONLY 12 players
in WNBA is Asian


90% of our SGB
players NEVER
participated in



Bridging the Gap

In a world where representation in sports can empower and inspire, the numbers tell a story that cannot be ignored. The playing field is vast, but the echoes of footsteps are faint. Asian women have shown tenacity and passion on the courts, yet their presence in the annals of professional basketball is disproportionately small. 

At She Got Buckets, we understand that every dribble, every shot, and every play carries the weight of potential and the promise of visibility. Our community is more than a statistic; it's the heartbeat of dreams, aspirations, and the undying love for the game. As we stand at the crossroads of what is and what can be, we embrace the challenge with open arms.

We see the numbers not as a conclusion, but as a beginning. A call to action that resounds in every gym, in every neighborhood, and in every heart that beats for the love of basketball. Our players, our sisters, carry more than the ball—they carry the spirit of progress, the drive for inclusion, and the hope for a future where the court is a place for everyone.

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