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Our Story

Most of us shared the similar stories: we love basketball growing up and met most of our best friends throught this sports; whenever we went to a new city or country, we try to find our own hoop court but it was not an easy way. Sometimes, we do need to be proactive to start our team, to be vocal to get the court for our pratcice… but no matter how much difficulties we are facing the pure love towards basketball made us to move and grow. 


And now, we want to be able to take our small basketball hoop group further, to form our own basketball community, have regular nation-wide games and let more girls to feel inclusive and comfortable on the court. We also want to be the bridges between high school and college, between college and local community, to help every women baller to find their own hoop group easily through our network. Lastly, we want to promote further support to our local games by creating an avenue for presenting highlights from our players and advocating more sponsorship opportunities for women’s basketball games to promote.


Our Mission

She Got Buckets® is a non-profit organization aiming for creating an inclusive basketball community for women players to grow their skills together through games across different levels. We are founded by Chinese women players who love basketball and want to create games and basketball community for girls. No matter you are in high school, college or already in workforce, we want you to find your own basketball group and still be able to play games and do what you love. 

Our Purpose

We are a non-profit organization that every member volunteers for the work. We only assist the collection process for court fees, referee fees, and other game-related fees each team would split on. Every bill will be public and you may visit anytime here.

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